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Don't even consider another glass water bottle! - A custom water bottle is a great gift!

  • Glasstic Colorsᵀᴹ Insert

    Glasstic Colorsᵀᴹ Insert

    Glasstic ColorsTM Insert: Create a unique work of art with this two-sided blank design that can be colored with permanent marker and inserted into your Glasstic bottle!

  • Glasstic Colorsᵀᴹ 3 Pack

    Glasstic Colorsᵀᴹ 3 Pack

    Glasstic ColorsTM 3 Pack: Hours of coloring fun for the whole family with 3 two-sided designs you can color to create unique works of art to display in your Glasstic bottle!

    Contains 3 two-sided designs:

  • Glasstic Colorsᵀᴹ Bottle Pack

    Glasstic Colorsᵀᴹ Bottle Pack

    Glasstic ColorsTM Bottle Pack: Get a Glasstic bottle and a two-sided Glasstic ColorsTM insert of your choice. Choose your bottle color and Glasstic ColorsTM design below.

    Pack Contains:
    1 Glasstic Bottle
    1 Glasstic ColorsTM Insert

  • Patriot Colors Style

    Patriot Colors Style

    'Patriot Colors' Style Insert:  Change the look of your bottle and show your patriotism with this 2-sided Patriot Colors Style insert. Goes great with Black or White bottles.

  • Snowflakes Style

    Snowflakes Style

    'Snowflakes' Style Insert:  Deck your Glasstic with holiday spirit with this 2-sided Snowflake Style insert. White and red snowflake pattern on the front, stars and snowflakes on the back.

  • Wrapping Paper Style

    Wrapping Paper Style

    'Wrapping Paper' Style Insert:  Make your Glasstic look like a Christmas gift with this 2-sided Wrapping Paper Style insert. Christmas icon pattern on the front, red and green plaid pattern on the back..

  • Christmas Collage Style

    Christmas Collage Style

    'Christmas Collage' Style Insert:  Show your Christmas spirit with this 2-sided Christmas Collage Style insert. A collage of Christmas illustrations that turns any Glasstic bottle into a festive, colorful work of art.

  • Christmas Trees Style

    Christmas Trees Style

    'Christmas Trees' Style Insert:  Decorate your Glasstic with this 2-sided Christmas Trees Style insert. Two different Christmas tree patterns to make your Glasstic bottle festive and beautiful.

  • Gingerbread Style

    Gingerbread Style

    'Gingerbread' Style Insert:  Spruce up your Glasstic with this 2-sided Gingerbread Style insert. Christmas gingerbread pattern on the front. Trees, snowflakes and hearts on the back.

  • Pink / Purple Christmas Style

    Pink / Purple Christmas Style

    'Pink / Purple Christmas' Style Insert:  Show your Christmas spirit with this 2-sided Pink / Purple Christmas Style insert. Christmas themed pattern in white and pink on the front, white and purple on the back. Goes great with the Pink, Purple, Black or White Glasstic branded bottles.

  • Glasstic Hearts Styles

    Glasstic Hearts Styles

    'Hearts' Style Insert:  Show the love with one of these Heart Style inserts for the Glasstic Bottle. Choose from 5 different designs.

  • Glasstic 16oz - Love Design Pink Flip Cap

    Glasstic 16oz - Love Design Pink Flip Cap

    Love Glass Water Bottle - Pink: You love the taste of your favorite drink in the Glasstic Glass Water bottle and everyone around you will LOVE the way it off the LOVE design with Pink Flip Cap by taking it everywhere you go...we know you'll LOVE it!


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