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Glasstic - 16oz Clear Glass - Blue Flip Cap

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Glass Water Bottle - Blue: Shatterproof Design - Everything is Great Tasting in Glass

  • Co-polyester BPA and Melamine free construction
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Unique innovative design protects from shattering glass
  • Easily transform the look with Glasstic Style Inserts
  • Each component is backed by our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Key Features:

  • Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle –  use as a fruit infuser water bottle or as a tea bottle with our stainless steel tea filter accessory.  If you would like you can add a wedge of lemon or other types of fruits in this glass water bottle.  Perfect for use with essential oils or just as a plain old glass water bottle to carry all your favorite waters and beverages.

  • Leak Proof Flip Cap Lid with Handle and Lock – helps eliminate spills and leaks.  You can mix or match caps with all the bottles.  Cap is tested food safe.

  • BPA-Free, Lead Free - use glass for peace mind and to ensure your beverages are toxin free vs not knowing with some plastic water bottles.

  • Easy to Wash and Clean - The glass water bottle insert and BPA free plastic pieces clean easily in the dishwasher or by hand.  Please manually wash custom printed water bottles / outer shells to be safe.

  • Durable and Shatterproof – take this glass water bottle with you to the pool! Seriously this is a glass water bottle, due to its innovative design, that you can take your favorite beverage with you wherever you may go...

  • Customization Made Easy – quickly create your own personalized water bottle with homemade inserts, window clings, vinyl stickers, our Style InsertsTM. This flexibility gives everybody a way to express themselves in their daily life.

Pick up a Chill blue glass water bottle for feelings of trust, responsibility and peace of mind.  With this cool water bottle you can have peace of mind knowing you are not only saving money but also our planet by using a reusable, BPA free, shatterproof glass water bottle and conserving on plastic.

Blue is a great color that represents honesty, loyalty and trust, so why not pick this color to be the one you gift to someone special to remind them how much they mean to you and that they can always rely on and trust you.

It is also the perfect water bottle for that rambunctious little guy in your life that is always on the go and too busy to care if the bottle might break or not. Glasstic glass water bottle has been tested and guaranteed to be shatterproof so you can rest easy knowing it is not going to make a dangerous mess if broken.  Just please be sure to inspect the inner glass bottle between drops to be safe and remember, if there is ever an issue, we replace parts for free!

Some of our favorite style inserts for this worry free water blue water bottle include


Fish style

Peace style

Palm tree style

Basket ball painting style

Butterflies 1 & Butterflies 2

Polkadot Multi-Color


Lifetime Parts Replacement:

Any parts broken through normal use are completely covered by our FREE Lifetime Parts Replacement Program.  

All products purchased from www.glassticwaterbottle.com are automatically covered.  If needed, you can request parts replacementshere:http://www.glassticwaterbottle.com/lifetime-part-replacement/.


Please recycle broken parts! 

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