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Glasstic 16oz - Peace Design Blue Flip Cap

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Peace Glass Water Bottle - Blue:  It is a 'chill' shade of blue that will help stir your creativity while also promoting can guarantee that after drinking your favorite beverage out of this unique glass water bottle will help keep you in a great mood and feeling peaceful through anything the day may bring.

The design says it all!  Let your 'Peace' Design Glasstic glass water bottle show the world how you really feel!  Every time you sip from your bottle, think of peace and so let it be.  How could you not be sending the 'peace' vibe knowing you are drinking from an awesome BPA Free glass water bottle that makes all your beverages taste their best and looks this cool!  

With its great design and perfect calming blue color you will have the ideal combination of peace and calmness throughout your entire day.


  • Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle – makes a great fruit infused water bottle but also good for hot liquids like teas and coffee.  Of course your water will taste its best in Glass so you can use this bottle for ALL your favorite beverages.

  • Leak Proof Flip Cap Lid with Handle and Lock –  cut out the spills!  

  • BPA-Free – forget about plastic...why chance it when you can use an awesome glass water bottle like Glasstic.

  • Easy to Wash and Clean - The glass water bottle insert and bpa free plastic pieces clean easily in the dishwasher or by hand.  Please manually wash custom printed water bottles / outer shells to be safe.

  • Durable and Shatterproof - You can comfortably take it anywhere - It's a worry free, toxin-free, shatterproof glass water bottle


Lifetime Parts Replacement:

Any parts broken through normal use are completely covered by our FREE Lifetime Parts Replacement Program.  

All products purchased from are automatically covered.  If needed, you can request parts replacements here:

Please recycle broken parts! 


Disclaimer:  The four design bottles - Peace, Retro, Tribal Yin Yang and Love are not ideal for use with the Glasstic Styleᵀᴹ inserts as the designs are printed around the outside of the protective shell, making it difficult to see the Glasstic Styleᵀᴹ insert which is placed on the inside between the outer shell and glass insert.  For this reason, we recommend using the Glasstic Styleᵀᴹ inserts with the regular branded or custom design logo bottles.

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