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Glasstic -16oz Clear Glass - Green Flip Cap

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Glass Water Bottle - Green:  Each Component is backed by our Lifetime Free Replacement Warranty

  • Clear Glasstic branded bottle with green flip-cap and base
  • Sick of broken glass? Never buy another glass bottle again! Choose Glasstic!
  • Unique innovative design protects from shattering glass
  • Great for essential oils or fruit infusion
  • Why glass? It's pure, safe and everything tastes great

Key Features:

  • Customization Made Easyuse window clings you purchase anywhere, our Style InsertsTM or make your own inserts to create personalized water bottles everyone will enjoy

  • Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle – you can put pretty much everything you would need inside of this glass water bottle.  Works pretty well as a fruit infuser water bottle and with essential oils.

  • Leak Proof Flip Cap Lid with Handle and Lock – food grade polypropylene.  Fully recyclable.  If broken we replace it for FREE!

  • BPA-Free – forget about plastic water bottles and choose pure glass water bottles that you know are BPA and BPS Free.  Stop worrying about breaks and spills too!

  • Easy to Wash and Clean - The glass water bottle insert and bpa free plastic pieces clean easily in the dishwasher or by hand.

  • Durable and Shatterproof – designed to be strong glass that withstands many accidents – the outer shell contains most accidental breaks

Let’s Go Green! The planet will thank us and so will your wallet!

Green is the color of life, renewal and energy, making it the perfect glass water bottle to pick out for personal growth and good vibes all around.

With this energizing green glass water bottle you can feel empowered knowing you are making a difference in keeping earth happy and healthy for future generations to come, because it is the only bottle of its kind that will also keep your wallet green by saving you money you would normally have to spend on replacing other glass water bottles that keep breaking…that or having to continuously purchase those awful single use plastic water bottles.

Glasstic glass water bottles are among the best for several reasons but with their stylish colors and great customizing options like the Style InsertsTM…they are sure to keep the people around you green with envy.

Green is also the color of luck, and just how lucky for you, we have taken some of our favorite style inserts that look the best with this green glass water bottle and listed them below.

Juice bar style

Polka dot multicolor 


Green Tribal Yin Yang

Palm Trees


Use it for your teas and oils and really see why this is the best glass water bottle in the market for tea drinkers, essential oil users or if you just want an awesome glass water bottle.


Lifetime Parts Replacement:

Any parts broken through normal use are completely covered by our FREE Lifetime Parts Replacement Program.  

All products purchased from www.glassticwaterbottle.com are automatically covered.  If needed, you can request parts replacements here: http://www.glassticwaterbottle.com/lifetime-part-replacement/.

Please recycle broken parts! 

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