Easy to Use Online Design Tool

With the Glasstic Online Design Tool you can create personalized water bottles that make fabulous gifts for family and friends.  Families love these custom water bottles.  Easily add images, symbols or text to the front and back panel to make the bottle totally unique.

The following describes how you can easily make your own custom water bottle starting with any Glasstic glass water bottle

  1. Login or create an account at www.glassticwaterbottle.com
    1. We require an account to make custom water bottles so we can allow you to save designs in case you wish to start a design and then come back and finish it later.  That or you can easily re-order a custom water bottle design you created at an earlier date.
    2. If you don’t have an account or have not logged in you will be prompted with a log-in screen once you first choose to ‘personalize’ a product.




  1. Choose any Glasstic glass water bottle product and access the Online Design Tool by choosing the ‘Personalization’ button that is next to the ‘Add to Cart’ button


  1. If logged in the Online Design Tool window will open with the template of the product you have started it from
    1. If not logged in you will be prompted to log-in or create an account
    2. Some products require the bottle color be chosen prior to selecting the personalize button so the proper cap/base color can be shown on any previews.
    3. ‘Branded’ bottles will have a blank transparent front and back surface for customizing
    4. ‘Design’ bottles will have an imprint on the front surface and a blank transparent back surface
  2. Begin adding Text and Image objects to the front surface
    1. You can add as many objects as you can fit
    2. Objects can be resized, rotated

                                                   i.      Text Objects can have the font color changed, font changed, font size change

                                                 ii.      Images/Objects created in other tools can be added to the design

  1. .png, .jpg, .gif, .psd extensions are all valid


  1. Choose the ‘backside’ surface button to add Text and/or Images to the back surface

  2. Preview the design to Create a Rendering to Proof your work
    1. You can enlarge the rendering by hovering over the image and choosing ‘Enlarge’
    2. You can save and print the renderings

  1. If you like the design choose ‘Finish’ Button
    1. Your Design is saved with a Default Name like ‘Design-2’…Choose ‘Rename’ to name the design how you wish


  1. Read the disclaimer and check the  ‘Accept’ Box if you Agree with the Terms and Conditions and wish to have your design Printed
    1. Once you ‘Accept’ the Terms and Conditions the ‘Add to Cart’ Option becomes available
    2. Choose ‘Add to Cart’ to purchase the Product with the Accepted Design

                                                   i.      If you end now your design is saved and can be accessed any time in your ‘Account’




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