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Don't even consider another glass water bottle! - A custom water bottle is a great gift!

  • Glasstic 16oz - Peace Design Blue Flip Cap

    Glasstic 16oz - Peace Design Blue Flip Cap

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $15.99

    Peace Glass Water Bottle - Blue:  It is a 'chill' shade of blue that will help stir your creativity while also promoting can guarantee that after drinking your favorite beverage out of this unique glass water bottle will help keep you in a great mood and feeling peaceful through anything the day may bring.

  • Glasstic 16oz - Retro Design Green Flip Cap

    Glasstic 16oz - Retro Design Green Flip Cap

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $15.99

    Retro Glass Water Bottle - Green: The 'Retro' design of this sleek glass water bottle bottle will bring you back to the good ‘ol days when everything we drank from came in GLASS and all you had to worry about was your next beverage choice...Start living again by taking a step back into the past and choosing Glasstic for all your beverage needs....Let's go RETRO!

  • Glasstic 16oz - Tribal Yin Yang Design White Flip Cap

    Glasstic 16oz - Tribal Yin Yang Design White Flip Cap

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $17.99

    Tribal YY Glass Water Bottle - White:  Balance your Life and those of your tribe with this wavy update to the classic Yin Yang Design.  The Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle is our update on the classic glass water bottle we all enjoy drinking from...The purity of Glass with the portability of Plastic...Glasstic...

  • Dance Mom - Pink

     Dance Mom - Pink

    'Dance Mom' Glass Water Bottle: If you like to get down on the dance floor or have a loved one at the dance studio more than they are in the home you are a 'Dance Mom' and should show it off with this awesome custom water bottle.  Since everything tastes better in Glass you will also have the benefit of getting more hydration when you are dancing as the unique cap design really allows the water to flow.  Many people double their water intact with Glasstic.

    For a truly personalized water bottle you can use our design tool to modify the 'Dance Mom' imprint or adding something like a picture, message or name to the back panel...or BOTH!  In addition to this you can use our or make your own Style InsertsTM to completely transform Glasstic into a one of a kind glass water bottle...your one of a kind mom will love this as a gift!

  • I Love Dad - Black

    I Love Dad - Black

    'I Love Dad' Glass Water Bottle: Show your father some love with this black cap and base ‘I Love Dad’ design Custom Water Bottle.  Dad will love the way his favorite beverage tastes in Glass while knowing how he is loved around the home.

  • Best Dad Ever - Blue

    Best Dad Ever - Blue

    'Best Dad Ever' Glass Water Bottle: Show your Dad he is the ‘Best Dad Ever’ with this custom water bottle that he will not only appreciate but will also make his beverages taste their best.  People everywhere are amazed at how good everything tastes in Glass!

  • Basketball Dad - White

    Basketball Dad - White

    'Basketball Dad' Glass Water Bottle: Makes the perfect gift for the dad that loves to show his love for the game, with this shatterproof leak proof glass water bottle he can keep his mind in the game and not have to worry about his glass bottle breaking or spilling.

  • Baseball Dad - Green

    Baseball Dad - Green

    'Baseball Dad' Glass Water Bottle: An American past-time and even rite of passage in many young people's lives is joining a baseball team and spending weekends at the park or in the back yard throwing the ball around...Dad's everywhere can show their loved ones they are fans of the sport while letting everyone know their child is a player!

    Make a totally unique gift with this awesome glass water bottle by adding a name, picture, team name or whatever you can fit on the back panel for a personalized water bottle that all Dads will love.

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