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Now you only need one bottle

Unlike shoes where you need to buy a new pair, with Glasstic you can easily change the look of your one bottle to liven it up, to fit your mood, to fit your style.

Style Bottles 1

Make Glasstic a Work of Art

Show the world your artistic side with Glasstic ColorsTM, a double sided style insert design that you can color with permanent markers and place into your Glasstic bottle between the glass insert and outer shell. Each Glasstic ColorsTM insert can create hours of fun coloring for anyone in the family and ends up being unique to the person that colors it. You don't have to be an artist to create a beautiful work of art that you can take anywhere!

Style Bottles 1

Keep the kids interested!

Keep the Kids Interested

We all know how easily distracted our kids can be…why not make it easy to keep the kids interested in drinking water or other healthy drinks you serve in Glasstic by changing up the look every now and again…make some Style Inserts of them with their BFF, them and the family at their favorite getaway or them playing in the yard with their favorite furry friend!

Show off your furry friends

Show Off Your Furry Friends

Pet lovers use the Style Inserts to show off their four-legged loved ones wherever they go…Bring some joy into somebody’s life when they see your ‘BEST DOG EVER’ bottle! Makes a unique and useful gift for those that frequent the dog park…The possibilities are endless because all you have to do is choose custom style, log in to your account, upload a picture or pictures of your four-legged friend then preview and add-to-cart. You can repeat this as many times as you like making different inserts for different days or events. There are great discounts up to 50% off when you print 6 or more.


Glasstic - Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Make it personal! Given the explosion of use of camera phones we can now capture special moments as they happen and with Glasstic you can easily show them off… Use Glasstic Style Inserts to show off your favorite moments in life! Grandparents love showing off their Grandchildren…bring all those stories you keep telling your friends and neighbors to life…Over the last year or so there has been a growth in Internet Memes of all kinds…why not take your favorite along and make a STATEMENT with Glasstic! Makes the perfect Gift!


Show Your Artwork

Artists of all types looking for a unique way to show off their work can use Glasstic Style Inserts as a medium to circulate their work among the masses and to earn some extra money while they are working on their next epic project…You never know who may see it and everybody could use a little extra $. Artists who would like to promote their artwork on Glasstic Style Inserts are welcome to contact us here. The program is new and we are open to ideas but our goal is diversity of ‘styles’.

Glasstic - Display your art

Glasstic - Awesome marketing possibilities

Awesome Marketing Possibilities

Marketers looking for a large area / full page size to get out their messages to prospects can now leverage Style Inserts…Corporate buyers looking for the perfect item for a team building exercise or sales meeting…Ideal for Company Health Awareness Programs…Awesome for Home Builders and Real Estate Firms…Perfect for local service providers...Spas, resorts, casinos…personalized ‘custom’ messages like one from the CEO at the National Sales Meeting or for Product releases at the next Trade Show! With approx. 8” x 8” of space to work with and an awesome glass water bottle that everyone will want to use as the bill board imagine the possibilities…


See How Easy It Is

We all love Change! Glasstic gives you the option to change the look of your bottle as easily as you would your purse or shoes…Watch the video to see how easy it is to change a StyleTM Insert and the look of your Glasstic bottle.

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