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The innovative design of Glasstic glass water bottles allow for them to be customized in many different ways so that you can create the exact personalized water bottle you want.  Match your look, your feeling, the message you are trying convey or just create the most unique glass water bottle in the world!  With Glasstic you have plenty of options…

The unique Glasstic Design contains a glass water bottle inserted into a protective outer shell.  This design allows Glasstic glass water bottles to be decorated in the following ways:

  1. The protective outer shell can be printed on
  2. A printed Style InsertTM can be placed between the glass and outer shell inside the shell
  3. The glass bottle insert can be decorated with Window Clings or Vinyl Stickers

Some of these methods like #1, printing on the protective outer shell, are things that we at Glasstic will do for you as printing on the outer shell requires a special printer that can print white ink prior to the color due to the transparent nature of the protective outer shell material.  The other methods can be done by you at home if you are creative and have the materials or you can purchase materials from Glasstic.

The following are some examples of custom water bottles created with Glasstic using the various methods for making personalized water bottles:

1.  The protective outer shell can be printed on

We have been making custom imprinted ‘glass water bottles’ for Corporate Customers for years but now we have decided to make our Online Design Tool available so you can begin customizing the protective outer shell of Glasstic Branded or our ‘Designed’ bottles.   Please note that when making personalized water bottles NO Glasstic Branding is included on the outer shell, the outer shell is ‘branded’ by you! 

For the branded bottles you add images and text to both the front and back panel and for the ‘Design’ bottles you can edit the colors of the text, even add a custom ‘stroke’, on the front panel and add images or text to the back panel all for a very small personalization charge.  

2.  A printed Style InsertTM can be placed between the glass and outer shell inside the shell for a more unique glass water bottle look and it can even be customized to create a totally personalized water bottle

Starting in 2015 Glasstic began offering Style InsertTM sheets to place between the inner glass water bottle and the outer shell in order to transform the look and feel of the bottle in seconds.  Many have commented on how much they love the ability to change the look of their glass water bottle style so easily and how it feels like owning several different bottles at once.  Based on feedback from our customers Glasstic has decided to add the ability to create completely custom Style Inserts using our Online Design Tool.  You can also create your own Custom Style InsertTM at home using transparencies and various lamination procedures.

Quickly change the look and feel of Glasstic with our Style Inserts or yours!

3.  Decorate the glass water bottle with Window Clings or Vinyl Stickers to make a custom water bottle

You can quickly and cheaply customize your Glasstic by removing the inner glass water bottle and applying small sized window clings or vinyl stickers to the glass.  Make sure the glass is very clean and it is sometimes best to dip the window cling or vinyl sticker in soapy water before applying to the glass.  Once applied use your finger and a towel to remove excess moisture and any air bubbles.  You can then place the glass water bottle insert back into the outer shell, attach the cap and base and enjoy your creation.


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