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Glasstic Care

Caring for the Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle is simple due to the products unique design.

Glasstic consists of 4 main parts.

Flip Cap
Bottom Base

Protective Outer Shell
Pure Glass Insert


There are 3 silicone seals - one in the leak proof lid - one on the glass bottle - one in the bottom base – these are normally handwashed.


1. Screw off the top cap and bottom base from outer shell.
2. With base and cap removed, place bottle upright on a table or other hard surface.
3. Put one hand on top of the bottle (touching the glass) while holding the outside of the protective shell with the other hand.
4. While pushing down on the glass insert, pull the outer shell up releasing glass from outer plastic shell.
5. Slide the outer shell upwards and over the glass bottle to separate into 2 pieces.

*Please note there are 3 silicone rings, one in the cap, one in the base and one on the neck of the glass insert.


1. Push glass insert firmly into protective shell until bottom of glass is flush with bottom of shell.
2. Screw base tightly onto bottom of protective shell to insure glass insert is firmly seated in place.
3. Screw cap on tightly to insure proper seal with bottle.

*Make sure all 3 silicone rings are in place (cap, neck & base)(Important to insure a leak-proof seal)


To clean, first disassemble.

  • Hand wash: Put a squirt of dish soap into the bottle, insert a paper towel, dish rag or bottle brush. Cover the top with your hand and shake it back and forth until clean. Clean the mouth and outside of the bottle with soap and warm water. Dry all pieces thoroughly and reassemble.
  • Dishwasher: Place plastic parts on top shelf of dishwasher. Glass insert can go on bottom shelf. It is recommended that the silicone seals on the neck and base be washed by hand.

Reassemble when all pieces are thoroughly dry making sure all 3 seals are in place prior to starting.

*Note – Dishwasher temperatures may vary. Please use Top Shelf Only on Normal Wash