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Accepted at Most Yoga & Fitness Studios

Glasstic was designed for us environmentally minded healthy products people that enjoy getting out into the world and experiencing it first-hand…why would we limit ourselves to only using plastic or metal bottles during our Daily Adventures when we all know that Glass Water Bottles make everything taste the best. In the past there were no real options for convincing the Studio Owner or Boss that your Glass Water Bottle was safe and protected from possibly causing dangerous messes if an accident were to happen.

With Glasstic you can take your environmentally friendly glass water bottle with you practically everywhere you go due to its unique design. With Glasstic you have a BPA-free Durable Shatterproof Outer Shell that protects the Glass Bottle inside so that it won’t break in most cases but even if it does accidentally break you can rest assured that there will not be a dangerous mess to clean up!

Glasstic makes it safe and easy to bring your favorite beverages everywhere you go including otherwise off-limits places like the Yoga or Pilates Studio, the Office or Factory, Schools of all kinds, the backyard or even Public Pool. You can confidently take Glasstic everywhere you travel and enjoy your favorite beverages any time anywhere. Glasstic is Fantastic!

Glasstic - Accepted at the studio
Glasstic - Safe at the pool

Accepted at Office

Schools and Offices

Parents like us are always looking for a safe, environmentally water bottle that we can use at the office or in the factory as we go about daily tasks while at the same time having products around the house that our kids can take with them to school so we can all enjoy them and get good value for our hard earned money!

With Glasstic you can confidently use your Glass Water Bottle to carry your favorite, both hot and cold, beverages with you no matter where you go…even the Office or Factory where glass water bottles are normally prohibited. Due to the unique design of Glasstic you can enjoy the benefits of drinking out of Glass while at the same time making your Boss or Teacher happy knowing that you won’t be causing any dangerous messes if your bottle happens to fall and break. You cannot get this level of certainty with Glass Canning Jars or Glass Bottles covered in Silicone. We know because we tested all sorts of designs before settling on our unique shatterproof shell.

We purposely made the glass 4mm thick and annealed it to a high level in order to develop a strong durable glass bottle insert that we then combine with a very strong BPA-free shatterproof outer shell that works in conjunction with the seals in the cap and base to create a glass water bottle that not only survives drops but contains breaks if one accidentally happens. After testing 100s of break events we are confident that Glasstic succeeds where all other designs fail, we do this so you can be confident and enjoy Glass Water Bottles everywhere your life takes you.


Glasstic is Unique and Can Be Taken Anywhere

Watch the video to see how easy it is to assemble or disassemble Glasstic for inspecting, cleaning in the dishwasher or changing a StyleTM Insert . You can also see how Glasstic is unique and can be used everywhere, even at the pool. Please do not attempt to recreate what we do in the video, as accidents can happen and we have endless supplies of them, you don't!

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