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Water Marks Purple Style

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‘Water Marks Purple’ Style Insert:  Drink the smart way, out of a Glass Water Bottle. Insert this Water Mark Purple Style Insert into your Glasstic Water Bottle and keep track of your water intake easier while still having a great looking bottle!

One easy way to keep track of your water intake is with this smart ‘Water Mark’ Style InsertTM.  Since you have already wisely made the switch to a Glasstic glass water bottle now take it a step further and add this insert to help you stay on track with your hydration.  All of our Glasstic glass water bottle Style InsertsTM are easy to install and remove for easy cleaning and quick change outs depending on the style or mood you are looking to match. 

Combine this Style InsertTM with a unique custom water bottle you make using our Online Design Tool for a fun gift everyone will love!  The easy to use online design tool makes it fast and fun to add images or text, or both…to the front and back panel of Glasstic glass water bottle.  For those looking for a completely custom glass water bottle they can make a full color custom insert with the online design tool and combine it with a custom bottle for exactly the ‘look and feel’ you want.


How to install:

Install in the outer shell by rolling the Glasstic Style InsertTMTM up along the angled edge and inserting the short edge into the bottom of the outer shell so it ends up at the top of the inside of the outer shell.

Unroll inside the outer shell and line up the seams to straighten out. Twist inside shell to change position of the insert.

Remove by lifting the edge of the Insert from inside the shell using a fingernail (pulling apart at the seam from the top and grabbing an edge works too) or toothpick to simply peel up an edge of the Insert and roll up before pulling out the bottom or top of the shell.  Replace in the packaging sleeve or put in a under a book to flatten out when not being used.


Disclaimer:  The four design bottles - Peace, Retro, Tribal Yin Yang and Love are not ideal for use with the Glasstic Styleᵀᴹ inserts as the designs are printed around the outside of the protective shell, making it difficult to see the Glasstic Styleᵀᴹ insert which is placed on the inside between the outer shell and glass insert.  For this reason, we recommend using the Glasstic Styleᵀᴹ inserts with the regular branded or custom design logo bottles.

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