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Don't even consider another glass water bottle! - A custom water bottle is a great gift!

  • Survivor - Pink

    Survivor - Pink

    'Survivor' Glass Water Bottle: Makes a Great Gift for the loved ones in your life that have battled back and overcome cancer and other difficult times. This custom water bottle not only shows the world you are not a quitter and that you keep fighting but it will also make all your beverages taste their absolute best!

  • Be Mine - White

    Be Mine - White

    'Be Mine' Glass Water Bottle: We all know that everything tastes better in glass so why not show your feelings while also enjoying the best sparkling mineral water with lemon or other tasty beverage with Glasstic.  Add an imprint and make it a completely personalized water bottle.

  • Red Hearts - White

    Red Hearts - White

    'Hearts' Glass Water Bottle: Show someone special how you feel about them by gifting them this amorous glass water bottle and reminding them how much you appreciate them in your life. 

  • Baseball Mom - Green

    Baseball Mom - Green

    'Baseball Mom' Glass Water Bottle: This custom water bottle makes the perfect gift for Moms that are spending weekends and weeknights over at the park with their loved one(s) practicing or playing the great American past-time Baseball.  Mom will love the way her fruit infused waters and other beverages taste because as most people agree, everything tastes their best in Glass.  This is a wonderful gift as is but you can alway make this a personalized water bottle by adding a picture or name to the back panel in addition to editing the color and stroke of the 'Baseball Mom' imprint.

  • Football Mom - Purple

    Football Mom - Purple

    'Football Mom' Custom Glass Water Bottle: Is the perfect glass water bottle for the proud mom of her football superstar, she can personalize this water bottle using our design tool and keep hydrated at every game while cheering on the team 

  • Best Mom Ever - Pink

    Best Mom Ever - Pink

    'Best Mom Ever' Glass Water Bottle: Moms everywhere love being your mom she is the BEST and honor her by giving her this great gift of a custom glass water bottle that will make all her drinks taste their best.  This bottle can also be turned into a completly unique personalized water bottle.

  • I Love Mom - White

    I Love Mom - White

    'I Love Mom' Glass Water Bottle: Show your mother some love with this ‘I Love Mom’ custom  water bottle.  Mom will love taking her hot and cold beverages along with her as #glassticgoes just about everywhere despite it being a glass water bottle.  Easily personalize Glasstic by adding a picture or two...that or put a personalized message on it to make it completely unique.

  • Lips


    'Lips' Glass Water Bottle:  Allows you to give everyone a ‘kiss’ so they can feel as good as you drinking from this awesome glass water bottle where all your beverages taste their absolute best!

  • Namaste


    'Namaste' Glass Water Bottle: This glass water bottle was made for yoga and makes a great gift for any yoga enthusiast, customize this water bottle and make it your own by adding text or images onto it or by using any of our style inserts.

  • Think Pink - Pink

    Think Pink - Pink

    Think Pink Glass Water Bottle: No matter what time of the year it is 'Think Pink' and show your support for those that are in the fight for their life!  You can not only help inspire people around you with this message but all your beverages will taste their absolute best because they are in a Glass water bottle!

  • Find The Cure - Pink

    Find The Cure - Pink

    'Find The Cure' Glass Water Bottle:  Show your support for breast cancer awareness with this great looking glass water bottle...makes a great gift to anybody as a reminder that we are all in this together and fighting to find the cure!

  • Healthy Life - Green

    Healthy Life - Green

    'Healthy Life' Glass Water Bottle: Drink healthy think healthy and love your glass water bottle. This shaterproof water bottle is the perfect sports water bottle that you can personalize using our customization tool to make it even better than it already is.


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