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Don't even consider another glass water bottle! - A custom water bottle is a great gift!

  1. Glasstic Design Flip Cap - 4 Pack Assortment

    Glasstic Design Flip Cap - 4 Pack Assortment

    4 Design Assortment Glass Water Bottles: Enjoy all the different original Glasstic Designed Glass Water Bottles. Each unique design contains the inner glass water bottle so you can be sure your beverages are tasting their absolute best!

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  2. Glasstic Value 3 Pack

    Glasstic Value 3 Pack

    Glasstic Value 3 Pack Glass Water Bottles:  A great way to get some bottles for the home and office while also grabbing some Style InsertsTM which will start you down the road of having the coolest glass water bottles around!  Everything tastes better in Glass so why not go with Glasstic so all your beverages taste their best.

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  3. Glasstic Value 6 Pack

    Glasstic Value 6 Pack

    Glasstic Value 6 Pack Glass Water Bottles:  Save some extra money and pick up some cool Style InsertsTM with this fantastic pack of innovative glass water bottles.  This is a great way to pick up some bottles to give out as gifts or to hand out around the house.  Since everything tastes best in Glass everybody will enjoy these wonderful glass water bottles.  Make completely custom water bottles using vinyl stickers or window clings on the glass or outer shell.

    Includes: 1 of each 6 Branded bottle colors and 3 Glasstic Styleᵀᴹ Packs of Your Choice + 3 Bottle Brushes and 3 Grey Twist Cap & Bases FREE!

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  4. Glasstic Teabook Pack

    Glasstic Teabook Pack

    Glasstic Teabook Pack Glass Water Bottle Pack: Enjoy steaming hot Teabook loose-leaf tea in this awesome glass water bottle. We have four flavors of Tea for you to try. I am sure you will find at least one that you feel is truly amazing!

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  5. Glasstic Essential Oil Pack

    Glasstic Essential Oil Pack

    Essential Oil Glass Water Bottle:  Everything you need to enjoy some lemon essential oil with your refreshing water or fruit infused water recipe.  This pack comes with our innovative glass water bottle in addition to a handy bottle brush and a 15ml bottle of doTerra Lemon Essential Oil.

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  6. Glasstic Colorsᵀᴹ Bottle Pack

    Glasstic Colorsᵀᴹ Bottle Pack

    Glasstic ColorsTM Bottle Pack: Get a Glasstic bottle and a two-sided Glasstic ColorsTM insert of your choice. Choose your bottle color and Glasstic ColorsTM design below.

    Pack Contains:
    1 Glasstic Bottle
    1 Glasstic ColorsTM Insert

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