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#Fitness Freak - Green

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'#Fitness Freak' Glass Water Bottle: This is an awesome glass water bottle to work out with because it is the perfect sports bottle to bring to the gym, on hikes or anywhere else you like to work out at, and you can now customize this water bottle to your liking with our personalizing tool.

 ‘Healthy Life’ Glass Water Bottle - Drink healthy and reduce plastic usage with this ‘Healthy Life’ design glass water bottle that you can confidently take everywhere you go.  Only Glasstic offers you the purity of a glass bottle inside a durable, portable protective outer shell.  This allows you to use it as a fruit infuser water bottle, tea bottle, or as a vessel for your favorite mineral or alkaline water…all tasting great because this glass water bottles make everything taste their best.  As you drink more water and healthy beverages as part of your ‘Healthy Life’ you will find you are feeling and looking better in all sorts of ways.  Use this bottle as inspiration and motivation to live the life you want but importantly a ‘Healthy Life’.  

  • Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle - Great for adding Essential Oils or Super Food Powders.

  • Leak Proof Flip Cap Lid with Handle and Lock - All lids are interchangeable. No more spills!

  • BPA-Free, Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Toxin-Free - A worry free glass water bottle product.

  • Make a Personalize your Water Bottle Easily –  use the design tool, Style InsertsTM or even things like window clings to design your own custom water bottle

  • Easy to Wash and Clean - The glass water bottle insert and BPA free plastic pieces clean easily in the dishwasher or by hand.  Please manually wash custom printed water bottles / outer shells to be safe.

  • Durable and Shatterproof – don’t be worried any longer about dropping your glass water bottle and making a mess.  Our glass water bottle design makes it highly unlikely you will have a break but if you do your problems will be contained.




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