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Glasstic Shoulder Strap - Black

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Glasstic Shoulder Strap - Black

Black hands-free shoulder strap for the Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle - Take your Glasstic with you everywhere with the Glasstic Shoulder Strap - for easy hands-free carrying of your Glasstic bottle.  This durable strap comes with velcro at each end that securely wrap around the top and bottom of the bottle, giving you the freedom to move and carry other items without the worry of dropping your Glasstic bottle.  The length of the strap can be adjusted from 24" to 47".  Available in Black or Green with a yellow heart pattern and the slogan "I Love Glass" printed on one side.

The video above demonstrates how to apply the Glasstic Shoulder Strap to your bottle.

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