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Glasstic Receives 2020 Award for Highest Rating Among Industry Suppliers

Glasstic Water Bottle has been selected to receive the 2020 SAGE Rating Award for having an “A+” rating among distributors.

SAGE provides the leading product research and order management services in the industry, with thousands of distributors using its services on a daily basis to perform product and supplier research. Each year, SAGE presents industry suppliers with A+ and A rating awards based on distributor ratings.

“This award is a recognition of our hard work and dedication to providing our customers with a quality product and service,” Frank Clark, owner of Glasstic said. “Our goal is to always put customers first in providing a superior, reusable water bottle perfect for any lifestyle.”

Glasstic began in 2011 to create innovative products that focus on reusability, recyclability and quality materials that satisfy customer needs. It is a glass, shatterproof water bottle with a free lifetime parts replacement guarantee.

“Glasstic’s unique innovative design combines the best aspects of glass water bottles with the durability and safety of a plastic bottle all while giving the consumer many ways to customize their water bottle,” Clark said. “No other glass water bottle design contains dangerous breaks in the event of an accident. No other glass water bottle design can be personalized using as many as three different layers of design on one bottle.”

Clark has developed a one of a kind design that has created a water bottle for all ages and any personality. The bottle is completely customizable offering inserts to change designs from zebra print to polka dots to even the ability to create your own design. The bottle fits any lifestyle or hobby as it’s not only shatterproof, but also heat resistant with features like loose-leaf tea inserts and the ability to infuse fruit.

Glasstic bottles are designed with the consumer in mind using a glass bottle insert that is made from highly annealed soda-lime glass, a cap and base made from food grade recyclable polypropylene, and the outer shell made with tritan™ copolyester. Bottles are environmentally-friendly, and BPA and toxin-free.

Clark’s vision behind the design of the bottle is to “help foster hydration, healthy choices and conservation through providing a high quality safe glass water bottle solution that can be reused for years and years to come due to its unique shatterproof design.”

Glasstic is available throughout the U.S. and internationally, in various countries including Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Phillipeans, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago.