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Unique Design

Moms everywhere understand that kids have accidents and make a mess every now and then so having a product like Glasstic from company that understands and has anticipated this is a real life saver when the need arises!

Not only is the Glasstic uniquely created to solve the huge worry about safety around broken glass while using Glass for all of your daily drinking needs but the company’s Life-time Parts Replacement policy is also uniquely designed to put your mind at ease if an accidental break were to happen.

NO other Glass Water Bottle Company that we know of freely replaces, including shipping, any broken part on a product, no questions/no hassles!

Glasstic stands apart from ALL other Glass Water Bottles by surrounding the Glass Bottle containing your beverage inside a Durable Shatterproof Protective Shell. The hardness of the shell combined with the relative softness of the Cap and Based along with the Silicone Seals combine to create a Glass Bottle that can take a spill or two without shattering!

Silicone covered bottles or canning jars do not offer this peace of mind…

We all know accidents are going to happen so why not put your mind at ease and choose Glasstic to not only save yourself the worry of a dangerous mess but also a few $ if something were to go wrong due to our generous parts replacement program.

Glasstic - Unique Design
Glasstic - Safe for Kids

Annealing Furnace and X-ray Inspection
Glasstic - Quality Tested

Quality Tested

Glasstic has developed a high quality product that has stood the test of time. We have been selling Glasstic for approx. 5 years and have learned a thing or two about how Glasstic performs in the field. Based on our findings we can confidently offer a generous parts replacement warranty due to the design of the bottle and the testing we have done on the various components of Glasstic.

Glasstic is BPA free…we know this because we have tested for BPA in our Cap and Base for example…we also test for other dangerous chemicals that may leach out of the cap under heat or pressure…like when you place them in a dishwasher…

For the Protective Shatterproof Outer Shell we chose a material that DOES NOT contain BPA/BPS or other known estrogen causing materials. The US Manufacturer of this material offers testing showing the material is BPA/BPS free and so we decided to include it in Glasstic.

As to the all-important Glass Bottle where your beverage is contained we have tested for numerous things including PROP 65 contaminants like Lead or Cadmium but also other types of tests like heat stress or even durability under dropping. For heat stress issues like bottles breaking when using very hot liquids for example we have incorporated a significant annealing step in the process to remove structural stress caused by uneven cooling at production. To prove our method works we have 3rd parties test the ability of the bottle to withstand 100 degree Celsius swings in temperature for example.

All in all we at Glasstic Bottle Co. take quality very seriously as we know not only Moms and Dads will be using Glasstic but kids of all ages as well and so we have gone to great lengths and have spent large sums of $ to make sure we are comfortable not only selling our product to parents such as yourself but also using the products in our daily lives and in the lives of our families…we have been worry free for years and you should be too! Choose Glasstic…


Fun and Easy Craft For Kids

Kids love to color and Glasstic ColorsTM can provide hours of coloring fun for kids of all ages. Glasstic ColorsTM are double sided style inserts with blank designs that can be colored with permanent markers and placed into the outer shell of the Glasstic bottle. Coloring can be a great tool for developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as helping to relieve stress. Kids will love creating beautiful works of art that they can show the world!

Style Bottles 1

Glasstic is Unique and Can Be Taken Anywhere

Watch the video to see how easy it is to assemble or disassemble Glasstic for inspecting, cleaning in the dishwasher or changing a StyleTM Insert . You can also see how Glasstic is unique and can be used everywhere, even at the pool. Please do not attempt to recreate what we do in the video, as accidents can happen and we have endless supplies of them, you don't!

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