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All Beverages... Both Hot and Cold

We are the type of people that DO NOT SIT AROUND and so we need a Glass Water Bottle that will not only be able to go everywhere we like to go and be accepted but also will work with all of our favorite drinks. Finally a glass water bottle that you can use with all of your favorite HOT and COLD liquids!

Unlike many types of glass containers that people try to use in order to avoid nasty plastic or metal bottles the Glasstic will work just as well with any hot or cold beverages, just please do not freeze water inside of it as this may lead to a break and even though we freely replace all the parts of Glasstic we prefer you don’t test us…haha

Because we anneal the glass so thoroughly in order to take the ‘heat’ stress out of the glass structure we can confidently say, we have tested to confirm this, that Glasstic will react well without breakage even if you put boiling water in it after chilling the glass to freezing temperature…We test from a range of 32 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit to confirm the annealing process was successful and you can safely use all of your favorite beverages in our unique Glass Water Bottle…Glasstic is Fantastic!

Glasstic with Cold Beverages
Glasstic with Hot Beverages

On The Go with Strap
Glasstic on the Go!

On the Go

For those of us on the go we need a flexible water bottle product that is easy to clean, works with everything we like to drink, fits into our lifestyle we made Glasstic. With Glasstic you get more than just another Glass Water Bottle…you are buying a modular water bottle system that can combine different accessories, more are being added each year, that you can use to help make Glasstic the perfect water bottle for you to bring along when you are on the go…

Not only can you ‘Style’ Glasstic with different looks that we offer…you can make your own custom looks by creating a Custom Style Insert…or by having your Glasstic imprinted with your name or some other cool text logos but you can also add a green or black Shoulder Strap to your Glasstic to help keep Glasstic near but your hands free when you are out and about or on a long walk. The unique ‘swing handle’ that comes standard with Glasstic is sized to fit in all size hands and allows you to comfortably tote the bottle over distance. Sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date with what we are doing at Glasstic as we expect to release a ‘wrist strap cap’ accessory this year which will aid in hands-free use as well.


Glasstic is Unique and Can Be Taken Anywhere

Watch the video to see how easy it is to assemble or disassemble Glasstic for inspecting, cleaning in the dishwasher or changing a StyleTM Insert . You can also see how Glasstic is unique and can be used everywhere, even at the pool. Please do not attempt to recreate what we do in the video, as accidents can happen and we have endless supplies of them, you don't!

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