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Reuse and Replace

Glasstic was developed for environmentally minded people like you in response to the growing evidence that single-use water bottles were damaging the environment due to their massive overuse and the lack of people recycling them effectively. After reading one study1 that suggested less than 25% of all single-use water bottles were recycled and that the balance were filling up our landfills and waterways we knew we had to try to do something.

Do you realize that 10s of billions of single-use water bottles are being wasted and not recycled!

Imagine what that is doing to the Earth…Do your part and help save the Environment one bottle at a time!

Not only does our unique Glass Water Bottle solution make every beverage taste great but Glasstic also helps fight waste in the Environment by being created with recyclability and of course, reuse, in mind.

Every part on a Glasstic Bottle is backed by a Free Life-Time Parts Replacement Policy so you NEVER have a reason to throw it away and return to single-use water bottles. Technically all parts of Glasstic are recyclable and ALL parts are freely replaceable so you can put down the single-use bottle and pick up a Glasstic. It feels good knowing that every use of a Glasstic is one less single-use bottle being stuck in the Earth.

1. Fishman, Charles. “Message in a Bottle.” Fast Company Magazine July 2007: 110)

Glasstic and the environment
Glasstic - Ban the Bottle

Glasstic - water fill station
Save Money with Glasstic!

Save Money

For those of us that like to save money and spend wisely we suggest stopping all purchases of single-use bottled waters immediately!

Did you know that drinking single-use water bottles every day can end up costing you as much or more than a high quality coffee at your coffee shop? If you consider that that a 16.9 oz bottle of water can cost $1 or more and that you can easily drink 3 or 4 per day you can see that single-use bottled water quickly becomes very expensive! You can easily spend $100s or even $1000s of dollars per year on WATER! The waste from bottled water not only damages the environment but also your wallet!

It is crazy to think that major brands of bottled water are selling typical municipal water at the rate of over $5 per gallon1 and that is if you buy in bulk…We suggest that you save money and control what you are drinking by using a filter station or purchasing a water filtering pitcher you can use to make most tap water safe and good tasting.

If you use ‘city’ water we suggest that you filter some water, fill up a Glasstic, and add your favorite fruit for some extra flavor and now you can replace sugary drinks as well…Add a drop of essential oil for those that use them. Anything to reduce unnecessary waste and spending!

If you have natural spring fed water, like some of those with their own wells, you can typically take great tasting water directly from the tap with no need of filtering and you have instant ‘mineral water’ all while also saving $100s of dollars vs bottled water.

1. Assumes $7.99 for 24 x 8oz bottles = 192 oz or $0.042 per oz @ 132 oz per gallon = $5.49 per gallon


Glasstic is Unique and Can Be Taken Anywhere

Watch the video to see how easy it is to assemble or disassemble Glasstic for inspecting, cleaning in the dishwasher or changing a StyleTM Insert . You can also see how Glasstic is unique and can be used everywhere, even at the pool. Please do not attempt to recreate what we do in the video, as accidents can happen and we have endless supplies of them, you don't!

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