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White Flip Cap & Base

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White Flip Cap & Base: Is the perfect color combination guaranteed to match any style mood or outfit! Pick this color base and cap for any of your Glasstic Glass Water Bottles to give them a perfect finishing touch and stylish look. 

White makes everything look polished and clean, so choose this color base and cap for your glass water bottle to give it a clean cut look. White also goes well with all other colors and designs so it is the perfect color cap and base to finish the look on any personalized water bottles you might have designed using our online design tool. Thanks to the versatility of the color this white cap and base will also go great with any of the many preprinted Style Inserts we already have available for you, and will match any mood or style you identify with making it be the best choice for all Glasstic Glass Water Bottles.

All our flip caps and bases are made from a durable BPA-Free food grade #5 Polypropylene materials. They all have a secure and easy to use lock to prevent spills or accidental messes and wide open mouths to allow easy flow of liquids for a comfortable drink each and every time, making them the perfect finishing touches to our already wonderful glass water bottles. 

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