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Purple Flip Cap & Base

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Purple Flip Cap & Base: Will make any Glasstic Glass water Bottle stand out and look its best. It is the perfect cap and base to show your royal status while drinking from a glass water bottle that will keep any drink tasting its best!

These Purple caps and bases are the perfect shade of purple to show both your royal side and your noble side as purple is the color of royalty and has been known to promote feelings of nobility, power and luxury. Dress any Glasstic Glass Water Bottle with this luxurious looking cap and base and you will transform an already great looking glass water bottle into the best looking glass water bottle yet.  Putting a purple cap and base on your Glasstic Glass Water Bottle will also go great with many of the fabulous Style Insert we offer.  That or it can be the inspiration you need to help you make your very own custom water bottle by printing your own message or image on the outer protective shell of your Glasstic glass water bottles.

But it’s not all about looks! This caps and bases are strong, though and have a higher resistance to heat and act as barriers to keep moisture out of your water bottle. They also have a secure top that can be easily locked and is guaranteed to be spill proof and have a handy handle to help make the entire bottle portable.

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