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Blue Flip Cap & Base for shatter-proof glass water bottle

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Blue Flip Cap & Base:  A blue cap and base can finish off the perfect personalized water bottle look for any customized water bottle you can dream up and create using our online design tool and give you the best looking water bottle around.

Blue is relaxing, calm, cool and helps keep you collected and at peace so it makes it the perfect color to choose as a cap and base for any Glasstic Glass Water Bottles.  A blue cap and base on your glass water bottle will transform and already amazing water bottle into an even better looking bottle that you can personalize not just by changing the color of the caps and bases but by using our new online design tool and adding your own design to the water bottle. You can add both text and images with the online design tool.  Blue is also fun and colorful and can be used for both boys and girls.  Blue also works well with some of our Style Inserts like the Fish or Peace designs…

The caps and bases are easy to twist on and off making it easy for cleaning and are dishwasher safe. This caps and bases are also great and easy to use because they have a locking flip cap that makes it easy to drink from and secure in case of drops. They are durable and BPA free, safe and resistant and the wide drinking hole helps you take a more comfortable drink anytime you want more of your favorite beverage yet the top cap completely covers that opening to keep it from spilling everywhere and preventing any leaks. 

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