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Glass Insert - 16oz - With Neck Seal

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Glasstic Insert - 16oz - With Neck Seal: Perfect for water used with essential oils. Our Glass is pure, BPA and toxin free and covered under the free lifetime parts replacement policy.

When it comes to water bottles you can’t beat glass. Nothing tastes as good and refreshing as a sip of cold water from a glass water bottle. Thanks to our new design of glass on the inside and plastic as an outer shell you can now bring your Glasstic Glass Water Bottle everywhere you go! No more “no glass bottles allowed” because this bottle is not only shatterproof and portable but if an accident were to happen the glass would remain contained in the plastic outer shell keeping it from becoming a hazardous mess. Perfect for infused water drinkers and thanks to the durable glass you can now bring your essential oils anywhere you go and know no nasty chemicals will be getting mixed into your drinks.

Glass can be chilled but Do Not freeze with any liquids inside.  Liquids will expand while freezing and cause breakage.

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