Six Fun DIY Projects for Kids During Winter Break

School's almost out for winter break and that means more time for family and fun. Keeping kids busy with arts and crafts is one of the best ways for everyone to bond as a family and for keeping minds sharp.

From little ones to those entering their teen years, we’ve compiled a list of fun DIY crafts that the whole family can enjoy together. Check out some of our favorites below and let us know if you give these a try!



Monster Mittens

These fun, festive mittens will keep their hands busy indoors and out - and warm on those chilly days. Get the How-To from Martha Stewart.

Hopscotch Mat

Too cold to get some exercise outdoors? Avoid boredom and endless hours in front of the TV with a homemade hopscotch mat. 



Coffee Filter Snowflake Blizzard

Your kids can get in on your love of coffee, too - by using extra coffee filters to make and cut unique snowflake patterns.

Sponge-Painted Snowman

Let your kids put their painting skills to the test with a sponge-painted snowman that makes for festive and cheery holiday decor. 



Stained Glass Window

Want to decorate the house with something a little different? This DIY craft idea is perfect for the kids. With reds, yellows and oranges that will catch any guest’s eye, try this art project from Family Education.

Make a Mural

Art allows your child’s inner creative spirit to shine. This mural project is a great way to get the whole family involved. Attach a large piece of craft paper to a wall in your family’s playroom or other open space where your kids love to hang out. Then, let the creative genius take place. Your kids can follow a theme - such as making the alphabet mural depicted in the example guide - or decorate the paper with whatever ideas may strike them. This project is perfect for kids who may be just learning to write, too.