BPA Free,Toxin Free,Metal Free

Glasstic was created in 2010-2011 as a delayed response to the lack of reliable non-polycarbonate water bottles on the market around 2007-2008 when I managed operations of a company focused on Alkalizing Water, pH Balancing Minerals and Diagnostic pH Test Strips. Around this time in 2008 we in the Nutritional Supplements Industry were watching as Polycarbonate Baby Bottles were being banned in Canada due to the BPA, Bisphenol A, a compound found in Polycarbonate plastics of all kinds1. The US FDA followed suit when it banned Polycarbonate Baby Bottles in 20122. The result of these policies was to forever change the landscape for Baby and Adult Water Bottles.

The Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle was built in order for people to be able to safely choose Glass Water Bottles over Plastic Bottles of all kinds because it contains the best of both solutions, a pure glass bottle insert to contain the water or beverage along with a BPA Free protective outer shell that gives you the peace of mind that a break won’t cause a dangerous or embarrassing situation.

Things about plastic bottles that we question and therefore prefer to avoid all together:

  1. Plastic bottles are hard to clean and remove all bacteria from. We have seen a number of studies that suggest reusing plastic bottles can allow for large amounts of bacteria to grow inside of them. Some single-use water bottles and reusable water bottles have been shown to contain these bacteria3. We prefer glass as it becomes, ‘squeaky’ clean and if we are still unsure we can boil it.

  2. Plastic bottles, especially single-use water bottles, may be causing disruption to peoples hormones and overall endocrine system by disrupting normal hormone activity due to toxins being leached into the water4. This potential danger has yet to be fully understood scientifically but to us the risk is too large to ignore, especially when using charged waters and / or essential oils in the bottle.   This leads to a final point I would like to make about why we created a safe shatterproof glass water bottle, taste/permeability of the plastic vs glass.

  3. Plastics are more gas permeable and can take on the flavor or odor of items nearby them in storage or in places like the refrigerator. Have you ever drank a bottle of water and thought it tasted funny? This is normal with plastic as all plastics are more permeable than glass and so tastes and smell can be introduced into the liquid being stored in the plastic or when using different types of beverages in the same bottle over time5. Glass is not very permeable to gas which is a big reason why EVERYTHING tastes better in GLASS!

I hope this information provides you some insights and places to look for more information about a few of the differences between plastic and glass and why we decided to build the Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle.


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