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About Glasstic

Glasstic® began creating innovative products that focus on reusability, recyclability, quality materials along with a relentless commitment to satisfy our customers in 2011.  The Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle is the first of its kind and we are the only water bottle company that we are aware of that guarantees its product with a FREE lifetime parts replacement…we do this to encourage reuse and conservation!


Glasstic® combines the purity of glass with the durability and portability of plastic to create a sleek and highly functional product that has been positively reviewed 100s of times.  

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Glasstic Bottle Co.
 is a division of Healthylicious Living LLC. We are a healthy and active lifestyle company, helping people around the world to realize a better quality of health and life through our innovative product line.


We began to develop the Glasstic® glass water bottle over 5 years ago when we saw a need in the market for high quality/pure YET portable beverage containers that are BPA and Toxin Free.  


The portable water bottle market had begun to replace plastic bottles with metal ones due to increasing concern of harmful chemicals leaching from the plastic bottles.  In spite of this trend, we felt that metal bottles were not what people were ultimately wanting but there were not many alternatives...

We knew the ultimate water bottle had to be made of glass. Yet we also know we had to make a glass water bottle that was portable, break resistant AND shatterproof  to be safe to carry everywhere you want to go...especially in public places.  In other words, a worry-free glass water bottle...This was howGlasstic® was born.


It is our vision to see all of the "No Glass Allowed" signs at the beach, pool, gym, park, school, event, everywhere...be replaced by signs that say, "OnlyGlasstic® Allowed". A revolution in beverage containers, the purity of glass...with the portability of plastic...Glasstic®


You can change the look of your Glasstic to make a truly unique and personalized water bottle:

  • Style InsertsTM - make a unique and custom water bottle by adding Style Inserts.

  • Window Clings or Vinyl Stickers - use old or new window clings or vinyl stickers to add a custom touch to either the glass or outer shell.

With the help of awesome employees, vendor partners and a host of reseller partners around the globe, Glasstic Bottle Co. is changing the way people think about glass and the places they confidently use it to carry their favorite beverages...

If you are a reseller of water-related products, we invite you to contact us to learn how we can work together to continue this revolution in glass water bottles.


Glasstic Bottle Co.
8240 E. Gelding Dr. #115
Scottsdale, AZ 85260