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5ml Essential Oil Heirloom Glass Spray Bottle

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5ml Essential Oil Heirloom Glass Spray Bottle:  Great size for samples or small doses of essential oils or other valuable liquids.

  • 5ml capacity (0.17 fl oz)
  • Height: 2.36" - Diameter: .75" - Opening of Bottle: 0.4"
  • Airtight UV Glass Preserves Goods for 6+ Months
  • BPA Free Spray Top
  • Includes Writable Sticker Label

5ml Essential Oil Heirloom Glass Spray Bottle:  Thick, heavy-duty 5ml UV glass bottle with a BPA Free spray top. This ultraviolet glass bottle can protect your liquids potency for 2+ years. Perfect for storing E-Juice, perfumes, colognes, tinctures, essential oils and any other liquid requiring precise measurement. All Glasstic UV Heirloom Glass is Environmentally Friendly and Can Be Cleaned and Re-Used.


Ultraviolet Filtering

Glasstic UV Heirloom Glass blocks the entire spectrum of visible light while letting UV and infrared light pass through.


This provides maximum protection against the effects of visible light, prolonging freshness and potency of your goods.


It works like a filter that only lets through the light that protects and improves quality.


-Thick, heavy-duty glass

-Far superior to amber or clear glass bottles and jars

-Protection from harmful effects of light

-Increases shelf life of your goods

-Protects and prolongs potency

-Therapeutic grade

-Compare to Infinity Jars

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