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BPA Free Glass Water Bottles - Glasstic Bottle

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The Glasstic Bottle Co. Line of Worry Free / Shatterproof Glass Water Bottles - GREAT FOR ALL BEVERAGES!

  • Pure Glass on the Inside, Durable BPA Free Plastic on the Outside
  • 100% Shatterproof and Worry-Free
  • BPA Free Tritan Outer Shell, Toxin Free, Metal Free
  • Easy to Clean and is Dishwasher Safe
  • Stylish & Attractive
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We are proud to introduce the GLASStic bottle…the only water bottle you’ll ever want to carry again!

It has taken us a few years to engineer it, and so far EVERYBODY loves it. Our first version holds 16 oz. and we’re excited to expand the product line to include other sizes, more advanced caps with smaller mouth openings and handles.

Why does everybody love GLASStic? Because there are so many things to love about it!

Healthy people love GLASStic because glass is the healthiest choice. Beverages can’t leach toxins like BPA’s and EA’s from plastic or metals and impurities from aluminum or steel bottles. Finally, glass has become transportable…GLASStic!

Environmentally conscious people love GLASStic because each GLASStic bottle helps to reduce hundreds of plastic bottles from the planet. Glass is also much greener than metal, and the production of it has less of a negative impact on the environment.

Economically minded people love the GLASStic bottle because it pays for itself quickly. Instead of buying bottled water, filter your tap water and then take it on the go. The cost of 10 – 20 bottles of water is equal to the cost of one GLASStic bottle.

Athletes love GLASStic because nothing is healthier than glass. Plastic not only contains BPA’s, but also contains other chemicals that act as EA’s which act like estrogen in your body. The GLASStic bottle is the only gym friendly shatterproof glass bottle on the market.

Yogis love the GLASStic bottle because it’s the only glass bottle you can bring to yoga that has no chance of shattering if you drop it and break the glass on the inside. They also love that the GLASStic bottle keeps water colder longer due to the double wall construction – perfect for hot yoga!

Golfers love GLASStic! It never gets “sweaty” from condensation and it keeps beverages cold for 3 times longer than plastic bottles. When water warms up in a plastic bottle, it tends to leach more toxins from it.

Joggers love running with a GLASStic bottle hand. It doesn’t get sweaty, and in case it does get dropped and kicked to the curb, there’s no need to stop and pick up broken glass. Plus it keeps your water clean…and your body too.

Beachgoers love GLASStic because glass isn’t allowed on the beach. Plus, and ice cold beverage will stay colder for longer in the double walled, insulated GLASStic bottle. The double wall construction also stops condensation.

Pool loungers love GLASStic because it’s the only glass beverage container allowed at the pool. And nobody prefers to sip their refreshing drink from a sweaty plastic cup. GLASStic bottles are pool friendly and are fun to look at.

Women love the GLASStic bottle because simply because they prefer to drink out of glass…not plastic or metal. They also love it because it’s easy to clean, and it never has a bad smell. Plus, the GLASStic bottle is pretty to look at.

Moms absolutely love the fact that they can finally give their kids a drink out of healthy glass without worrying about it. They can also pack their kids backpacks with water in GLASStic bottles, so they stay hydrated all day.

Men love the GLASStic bottle because it’s virtually unbreakable and is 100% shatterproof. Plus it helps save a lot of money by reducing or eliminating the bottled water bill.

Kids love the GLASStic bottle because it’s just the coolest bottle around!

EVERYBODY loves the GLASStic bottle…and we’re sure you will to!

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